Introduction of Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene(Polypropylene(PP), is a thermoplastic resin made from propylene and divided into ISOtaetic (ISOtaetic) in methyl position It is available in Atactic polypropylene and Syndiotatic polypropylene

Polypropylene packaging strap using polypropylene wiredrawing level resin as raw material, good plasticity, fracture strong tension, bending fatigue resistance, small density, tensile impact performance, easy to use, has extensive role in various fields. 20 years of production experience and advanced technology and equipment, production of machine used packaging with good quality and cheap and fine tensile performance is strong, wanda machine with packaging belt products are PET packing belt , printing packaging belt, plastic steel packaging strap, strong packaging strap, etc

1, polypropylene as the main raw material, material: polypropylene wiredrawing resin, because of its good plasticity, strong tensile force, bending fatigue resistance, small density, good tensile impact performance, easy to use and other advantages, has been widely used in various fields.
2, suitable for all walks of life all kinds of baling machine (semi-automatic, automatic, manual baling machine)
3, strong adhesion, large tension, light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, high-grade
4, bright color, yellow white ink and other colors, you can choose
5, according to customer requirements and samples, the production of printing, printing ICONS and other special packaging strap.


1, from the production of PP material quality can be divided into core and solid core strap;
2, from the quality of products can be divided into transparent A, transparent B, A, AB, B, BC and C, etc.;
3, from the use of baler can be divided into manual packaging belt, machine with packaging belt (machine with packaging belt is divided into full automatic strap and semi-automatic strap);
4, from the use can be divided into packaging belt and crafts strap;
5, from whether printing can be divided into printing tape and non-printing strap;
6, from the point of view of the ability to withstand the main PP packaging strap, plastic steel packaging strap (also known as PET packaging strap) and iron packaging strap;
7, from the production of packaging strap raw material source can be divided into new material packaging strap and recycled material packaging strap;

  1. From the perspective of color, there are mainly white packing belt, gray packing strap and color packing strap.

productive process

Main production process: plastic particle melting — pressure strap —- molding —- cooling —– winding —- packaging – storage packaging tape system using polypropylene through heating, melting, stretching and cooling produced by the network structure of packaging material, the basic parameters affecting the quality of packaging tape are tensile strength, length, bending degree, elongation and so on In the case of the same tension and other parameters, the longer the length, the lower the cost.

Packing methods:

  1. Bend the left end of the packing belt, insert the iron packing buckle, and fold the left fixed rod into the packing belt for tightening.
  2. Hold the packing belt with the right hand to bypass the packaging, bend the right end of the packing belt into the packing buckle, and fold the left fixed rod into the packing belt.
  3. Fix the packing buckle with the left hand, and press the right end of the packing belt with the right hand to tighten the packing buckle.
  4. Finally, cut the packing belt with scissors.


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