How to choose the right strap?

What is pp strapping? pp is also called polypropylene, also known as strapping. The packing belt is made of polypropylene as the main raw material, extruded uniaxially stretched, and heat-treated to bluish. Because the strapping has the effects of binding, fixing and lifting, it can generally be used for all sealing and binding, glass, pipes, fruits, etc.

So as a purchaser, how to choose a packing belt? In fact, pp strapping can be divided into many kinds, according to the method of use, it is divided into machine-use and hand-use straps; machine-use straps are further divided into automatic strapping and semi-automatic strapping; according to the material, they are divided into ordinary strapping and light-weight packaging. Belt, transparent packing belt. With so many types of packing belts, how do we choose what we want? Then we have to start with the following aspects:

1.Confirm the use mode. The use mode is generally divided into machine-based and manual methods, and the machine-based methods are divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic methods. If it is used by hand, you only need to choose ordinary hand strapping with a thickness of 1.0mm or more; if it is used by machine, then it is necessary to further confirm whether it is used by semi-automatic or fully automatic machine. If it is used by semi-automatic machine, only need You can choose a universal strap; if it is a fully automatic machine, you must choose a better quality lightweight strap and transparent strap, because the full automatic machine has higher requirements for the strap, and the load-bearing capacity of these two straps Better than general packing straps.

2.You need to confirm the budget for purchasing the strapping. The price range between different strapping qualities is relatively large. The prices of different materials are different. We will provide you with suitable strapping according to your usage and budget. Generally environmentally friendly materials The price of lightweight belts and transparent straps in the medium is relatively high, especially the fully transparent straps. The tensile force of this strap is much higher than that of ordinary straps. Generally, the outer carton of household appliances is packed with transparent straps.

3.Choose the specifications of the strapping strap
3.1 The specifications of the hand strapping strap are generally 15mm in width and 1.0mm-1.3mm in thickness, which is a relatively cheap strap; the general strap has a width of 9-13mm and a thickness of 0.8-1.0mm; The recommended specifications for automatic machine belts are width 6-13mm, thickness 0.6-0.9mm
3.2 Weight: general gross weight 8.5 or 10.5KG, paper core 0.5KG
3.3 Length: the size, material, and weight of the strap will affect the length of the strap , The length of hand strap is 500 meters, the length of general strap is about 1000 meters, and the length of transparent strap is about 2500 meters.
3.4 Tension: The specification and material of the strap will affect the tension. The hand strap is 50KG, the universal strap is 70-100KG, the light strap is 100-120KG, and the transparent strap is 120-150KG. Fourth, confirm the weight of the packaged goods. Different types of strapping belts have different tension and load-bearing capacity.

4.Before choosing a strapping belt, please make sure that the weight of the goods you pack is heavy and whether it needs to be lifted up.

  1. Whether the packing belt should be printed. The packing belt can be printed with a logo to play a publicity role. Because of the material and surface texture of the packing belt, the content of the printing should not be too complicated, and the printing color should be within two colors.


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