How to use PP strapping correctly

PP strapping is a common packaging material in our daily life, but there are many consumers do not understand what is PP strapping, today I will introduce it in detail.

If want to understand the PP strapping , first we need to know the use field of PP can use for below industrial field well
Express industrial
Logistics industrial
pharmaceuticals industrial
Carton industrial
Building industrial

PP strapping is a widely used consumable packaging material, its use cost is related to its overall packaging cost.  There are many classification of PP strapping, but today is a special classification, the following to introduce the special classification of PP packaging belt in the end what is it?  
1, from the scope of use can be divided into packaging with strapping and woven strapping;  
2, printing LOGO strapping and without printing LOGO strapping;  
3, from the production of PP material can be divided into core belt and solid core belt;  
4, from the use have manual use strapping/semi-auto machine use strapping/fully-auto use strapping.

When we using the PP strapping, what is the operation correct?  Here we talk to understand the correct use of packing belt:  
1.Bend the left end of the PP strapping, insert the packing buckle, then fold the left fixed rod into the PP strapping and tighten it;  

  1. Hold the packing belt with the right hand to bypass the packaging, bend the right end of the packing belt into the packing buckle, and fold the left fixed rod into the packing belt; 
  2. Fix the packing buckle with the left hand, and press the right end of the packing belt with the right hand to tighten the packing buckle;  
  3. Finally, hold scissors to cut the PP strapping short.  

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