Advantages of polypropylene strapping

First of all, when we identify the polypropylene strapping, we look at the purity of the raw materials. If the purity is relatively high, the performance of the strap will be better.

Secondly, there are many types of polypropylene strapping on the market now. You can’t just look at the price or just the material. We must choose according to our own needs and choose the strapping product that suits us.

Generally, the packing belt made of pure polypropylene is completely transparent.

It depends on whether it is a bag of sandwich material, cut the strap, and check the section to see if it contains black material.
Advantages of polypropylene strapping performance:
At present, polypropylene strapping is still a common material for packaging machinery. Compared with iron, nylon and pet strapping, high-strength polypropylene strapping has the following advantages in terms of performance:

The high-strength polypropylene strapping straps are very convenient to carry and use. The weight of the strapping strap is only 50% of the iron strapping strap, and the volume is smaller than all kinds of strapping straps, and it is safe to use. The high-strength polypropylene strapping strap does not have the sharp edges of the iron strapping strap, which does not hurt the operator’s hands and can avoid other unsafe factors.

Very small scalability. Within the allowable range of the force of the high-strength polypropylene strapping strap, its extension is only 1-2%. Compared with the 25% extensibility of nylon strapping straps, the performance is more remarkable. Polypropylene strapping straps have superior resistance. The tensile performance and tensile resistance are twice that of other types of strapping, which can effectively ensure that the objects reach their destination more safely.

The new type of polypropylene strapping can adapt to any climate change, because of the special material



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