How to choose the high quality plastic strapping?

I think all of customer have a headache questions,then how to choose high quality plastic strapping? If you want to get high quality plastic strapping,you need understand it characteristic firstly.plastic strapping is made of polyethylene, polypropylene resin, nylon and polyester as raw materials, which is made by extrusion and one-way stretching. It is used for sealing and strapping of corrugated cartons, as well as for strapping glass, pipe, material and fruit.

We can depending on the below factor for select to high quality plastic strapping:

1.According to the surface color of the plastic strapping:

(1)Colorless transparent PP strapping.

(2)Translucent PP strapping .

(3)Opaque PP strapping.

(4)Various colors of PP strapping.

2. According to the proportion of polypropylene used in the production of plastic strapping:

(1)New pure material PP packing belt, light material, bright color.

(2)New and old mixed pure material PP packing belt, light material, slightly dark color.

(3)Return material sandwich PP packing belt, heavy material, dark color.

3.According to the packaging tools used:

(1)Fully automatic strapping machine,the plastic strapping have strict tolerance requirements for width and thickness, small skewness.

(2)Semi-automatic strapping machine,the plastic strapping the width, thickness tolerance and skewness requirements are lower.

(3)Manual baler with PP packing belt, the width, thickness tolerance and skewness requirements are general.

(4)Steel buckle with thicker Plastic strapping.

One of the important factor is No.2,and then price also have big different.the new pure materials quality is best and price is higher,then in descending order.this type can be produced transparent color PP strapping,can use it for fully automatic strapping machine.

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