What is pp strapping roll

Polypropylene, referred to as PP, is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, translucent solid substance. Polypropylene is a kind of excellent thermoplastic synthetic resin, it is a colorless translucent thermoplastic lightweight universal plastic. With chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high strength mechanical properties and good high wear resistance processing properties. Pp strapping belt is made of polypropylene as raw material, because of its good plasticity, strong tensile strength and other advantages, has been widely used in various industries.

The common colors of PP strapping belt are white, red, yellow, blue, black and so on. It is often used for carton packaging and supporting the use of baler.
Pp strapping belt commonly used specifications are 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and so on, according to customer requirements to produce printing, LOGO and other special packaging belt.

The main production process of pp strapping roll, plastic particles melt – press belt – molding – cooling – around, packaging, warehousing

PP strapping belt production process, the first is the extruder temperature control, generally at 250℃ ~ 280℃. The next step is cooling, with the material out of the head of the temperature is very high, to immediately enter the water cooling, because isotactic polypropylene in the case of rapid cooling easy to generate brew crystal structure, the brew crystal molecular structure is loose. Easy stretch orientation for high quality products.

Then there is stretching, the purpose of stretching is to improve the longitudinal strength of the strapping belt and reduce the elongation.

Stretching must be carried out in boiling water, usually in one stretch. Finally, it is embossed, the strapping belt after stretching passes the pressure roller with two decorative patterns, and is pressed on the decorative pattern. Its effect is to increase friction in use, not slip, and look beautiful and generous from the appearance.



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