What is plastic strapping used for?

Plastic strapping is a simple plastic binding material, its thickness of 0.5-1.2mm, width of 5-16mm.  Raw materials are PVC, PE, PP, PET, etc., so plastic strapping can be divided into PVC strapping, PE strapping, PP strapping, PET strapping, pp strapping and PET strapping are the most common packaging and binding materials.  

Packing belt is mainly used to bundle cartons, bundle items to facilitate transportation,.

  1. Carton packing belt plastic strapping belt has good elasticity, high strength, good water resistance, strong chemical resistance, light and soft, which can be manually strapping and machine strapping.  Easy to use, low cost, can be made into red, white, blue, yellow, green, and other colors, according to the color binding of different grades of goods, easy to distinguish the grade of goods, improve delivery efficiency.  In addition to the sealing and strapping of corrugated cartons, but also strapping materials, fruits and so on.  
    2, according to the use of plastic strapping belt is divided into machine use and manual use two types.  

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